Variation of Employment Agreement Form
VARIATION OF EMPLOYMENT AGREEMENT Date Thursday, 01 May 2008 Ref [Enter Reference Details] To: [Enter Addressee\'s Name] [Enter Addressee\'s Address] Dear [Enter Salutation] This letter is to inform you that the terms or conditions of your contract have been amended as set out below. Please acknowledge receipt of this letter and your agreement to the terms set out in it by signing the attached copy and returning it to me. You should retain the top copy with your contract of employment. Please contact me should you wish to discuss any of the changes or require any further information. Date changes effective: [Enter Date] Details of changes are as follows: [Enter Details] Yours sincerely ____________________________________ I, ____________________________________, acknowledge that I have received a statement of alterations to the particulars of my employment, as required by the Employment Rights Act 1996 Section 1, and agree to the terms set out in that agreement. ____________________________________ Signed ____________________________________ Dated