Where to Find the Best Rental Agreement Form
Rental Agreements 101

What is a Rental Agreement?

According to NOLO, one of the most trusted sources of legal information and advice, a rental agreement is a short term tenancy contract. It is often automatically renewed every month. The landlord is legally empowered to change the terms of the rental agreement. Rental agreements are different from leases, in that the renter has an occupational right for a set time period. The landlord cannot change the terms or raise the rent unless the tenant agrees.

What are the Major Terms of a Rental Agreement?

The best rental agreement forms will cover certain legal terms. For example, the names of every single adult should be named and required to sign the rental agreement. There should be a limit on occupancy that will allow the landlord to evict anyone living in the unit without permission. The rent amount, acceptable payment method and charges for late rent or bounced checks is important to include. The deposit and any other non-returnable fees (pets, cleaning) should be listed. Repair and maintenance terms will avoid tenants withholding rent or demanding their security deposit back. Landlords can also protect themselves through restricting illegal activity, clarifying when the landlord or maintenance can enter the unit.

Where Can I Find an Appropriate Rental Agreement?

Law Depot is an amazing resource that allows users to create their own customized rental/lease agreement. There is a step by step guide that walks the user through inputting their own personalized information. First, visitors can choose the property type (house, apartment, condo, room, etc). Then, they select the state. Next, they enter in basic information, such as the start/end date, the property address, parking, furnishing, landlord/tenant info, rent/deposit amount, etc. Once finished, the website allows the user to print and save the document after they register for a free trial. You can their easy to use rental agreement builder here: http://www.lawdepot.com/contracts/residential-lease/#.VShAoOFc-aM.

Below is a list of ready to print rental agreement templates that are ready for immediate download:

-AAA Credit Bureau rental agreement template: http://aaacreditbureau.com/images/AAA_Ca_Lease_Month.pdf

-The Rental Lease Agreement website offers month-to-month lease agreements: http://rentalleaseagreement.org/month-to-month/

-The Free Legal Forms website offers 75 different ‘rent’ related forms. http://www.freelegalforms.net/freelegalforms.cfm?criteria=rent

-The Georgia Department of Community Affairs’ rental agreement template: https://www.dca.ga.gov/housing/specialneeds/programs/documents/C-2SampleLEASE.pdf

-The Landlord Protection Agency (LPA) has a template/sample rental agreement: http://www.thelpa.com/free-rental-agreement.pdf

Refer to NOLO’s webpage below for specific state laws regarding rental agreements: http://www.nolo.com/legal-encyclopedia/preparing-a-state-specific-lease


It is important to make sure basic legal terms are included in your rental agreement. You can either download a standard form or create your own through Law Depot's website.