Assignment of Contract


FOR VALUE RECEIVED the undersigned (the “Assignor”) hereby assigns, transfers, and conveys
to ________________________________________________ (the “Assignee”) all the Assignor’s
rights, title, and interests in and to a contract (the “Contract”) dated ________________________,
between __________________________ and _____________________________________________.

The Assignor hereby warrants and represents that the Contract is in full force and effect and is
fully assignable.

The Assignee hereby assumes the duties and obligations of the Assignor under the Contract and
agrees to hold the Assignor harmless from any claim or demand thereunder.

The date of this assignment is ___________________________.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF this assignment is signed by the parties under seal.

Assignor: :

Acme Painters, Inc.
By: ______________________
Robert Sherwyn, President



______________________ (seal)
Bartholomew Simpson,
d/b/a B.S. Painting