Consignment Sale Agreement


This agreement is made by and between ________________________________ (the “Consignor”) and ______________________________________ (the “Consignee”).

1. The Consignor and Consignee acknowledge and agree that the Consignor has provided the goods described below to Consignee for sale on a consignment basis, for the prices indicated, under the terms and conditions of this agreement:

(14) Shelving units, Model #2433 $43.00 ea. (6) End tables, Model #2001 $48.00 ea. (2) Coffee tables, Model #2008 $61.00 ea.

2. The Consignee agrees to use its best efforts to sell the goods, for cash, for the benefit of the Consignor and to account to the Consignor for such sales within ______________________, delivering the sale proceeds to the Consignor, less commission, at the time of the accounting.

3. The Consignee agrees to accept as its commission, in full payment for its performance under this agreement, an amount equal to ______% of the gross sales price of the goods exclusive of any sales taxes.

4. Any goods the Consignee is unable to sell may be returned to the Cosigner at the expense of the Cosignee. The Consignor may reclaim unsold goods at any time.

5. At the request of the Consignor, the Consignee agrees to execute financing statements perfecting the Consignor’s claim of ownership of the goods.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF the parties have signed this agreement under seal on ____________ ___________.

Consignor: Best Furniture, Inc.                   Consignee: Salesmaster

By: ____________________________   By: _____________________________
Stella Martin, President                              Blanche Smith, Owner
Best Furniture, Inc.                                    Blanche Smith, d/b/a