Lease Assignment


This Lease Assignment is entered into by and among ________________________________________ (the “Assignor”), __________________________ (the “Assignee”), and ________________________________ (the “Landlord”). For valuable consideration, it is agreed by the parties as follows:

1. The Landlord and the Assignor have entered into a lease agreement (the “Lease”) dated ______________________, concerning the premises described as: 1264 Main Street, #24, Decatur, Georgia.

2. The Assignor hereby assigns and transfers to the Assignee all of Assignor’s rights and delegates all of Assignor’s duties under the Lease effective _______________________________ (the “Effective Date”).

3. The Assignee hereby accepts such assignment of rights and delegation of duties and agrees to pay all rents promptly when due and perform all of Assignor’s obligations under the Lease accruing on and after the Effective Date. The Assignee further agrees to indemnify and hold the Assignor harmless from any breach of Assignee’s duties hereunder.

4. ❏ The Assignor agrees to transfer possession of the leased premises to the Assignee on the Effective Date. All rents and obligations of the Assignor under the Lease accruing before the Effective Date shall have been paid or discharged.

❏ The Landlord hereby assents to the assignment of the Lease hereunder and as of the Effective Date hereby releases and discharges the Assignor from all duties and obligations under the Lease accruing after the Effective Date.

❏ The Landlord hereby assents to assignment of this lease provided that Landlord’s assent shall not discharge the Assignor of any obligations under the Lease in the event of breach by the Assignee. The Landlord will give notice to the Assignor of any breach by the Assignee. If the Assignor pays all accrued rents and cures any other default of the Assignee, the Assignor may enforce the terms of the Lease and this Assignment against the Assignee, in the name of the Landlord, if necessary.

5. There shall be no further assignment of the Lease without the written consent of the Landlord.

6. This agreement shall be binding upon and inure to the benefit of the parties, their successors, assigns, and personal representatives. This assignment was executed under seal on ____________________________.

Assignor: Scrupulous Associates,                     Assignee: Scrupulous Corporation
a general partnership
By________________________________  By__________________________________
Henry Hardy, General Partner                         Henry Hardy, President
__________________________________ Attest: _________________________________
Calvin Collier, Secretary
Landlord: Peachtree Properties, Inc.
Leigh Jackson, President
Attest: ___________________________
Susan Murphy, Secretary