Pet Care Agreement

If you leave your pet with a professional border, they will most likely have their own contract. But if you hire someone who is not a professional to care for your pet, you should have your own PET CARE AGREEMENT to cover his or her duties and obligations


This is agreement is made between __________________________________________, (Owner) as pet owner, and __________________________________________ (Care Giver), who has agreed to care for a pet known as __________________________________________, which is a _________________________________________. The parties agree that Care Giver shall care for Owner’s pet from _________________________________ until _________________________________.

Pet shall be cared for at o Owner’s house o Care Giver’s house. Pet shall be fed and given fresh water at least __________ times each day. Care Giver shall be paid the sum of $ __________________ per __________________ for said services.

If Owner cannot be reached, Care Giver is authorized to consent to any emergency medical care that may be necessary.

Date: __________________________________




Care Giver